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žThe Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) is under the second Vice Presidents Office.

žThe environment is governed by Environmental  Management Act of 2015. The act makes ample reference to long term conservation, protection, enforcement and management of Environment  of  Zanzibar.

Functions of the ZEMA

Under the Environmental Management Act, ZEMA has been entrusted with a number of functions to help safeguard the environment. ZEMA can: issue of environmental certificates, permits and approvals, undertake environmental monitoring, promote environmental awareness and enforce regulations and standards. See further Section 22(1) of EMA.

Powers of the ZEMA

If the requirement of the Environmental Management Act and the supporting environmental regulations are violated, ZEMA has the power to act. For example, ZEMA can suspend ongoing projects, revoke permits and penalize offenders. See further Section 23(1) of EMA.

Vision & Mission

The vision and mission of ZEMA is taken from the Zanzibar Environmental Policy, which reads:
Vision: Sound environment management for sustainable economic and social benefit for present and future generations.
Mission: To promote sound and sustainable environmental management practices through provision of policy guidance, institutional strengthening and cooperation.

Strategic plan

this will be only a link to the doc – but the document still has to be drafted

Board of ZEMA

ZEMA shall be administered by a Board. See section 15 (1) of EMA. This board has not yet been established.